January 26, 2017

De Tackboxen zijn niet leverbaar via de webwinkel hiervoor graag telefonisch of per email informeren.  Ze zijn leverbaar in Small, Medium & Large. en in diverse kleuren leverbaar. Ook zijn er beschermhoezen bij te bestellen.

We offer premium quality lockable Tack Boxes to our line of “must have” accessories for professional handlers and serious exhibitors to organize, store, protect, and transport your expensive show dog supplies.  Our attractive, rugged tack boxes are made of stong aluminum and meticulously hand finished.  All edges are turned and smooth and high impact areas are reinforced to make the most durable tack box on the market.  


The unique design is intelligently thought out with every detail in mind.  The door has a unique locking link lock to safeguard your valuable equipment. The front opens forward to provide a convenient work area. The lid opens to hold show leads and reveals deep compartments that will hold your longest pin brushes, combs and scissors. All sizes of our tack boxes have compartments tall enough to accommodate your tallest sprays and aerosols preventing leakage and waste. 


The 4 sizes are designed to match with and link lock securely onto our standard aluminum dog crates, folding dog crates, and stacking dog crates for a stable matching unit.  Tack Boxes are available in anodized silver and gold and also in a variety of colors such as silver, gold, black, blue, purple, red.  Like everything made by East Coast Crates our products can be customized to meet your preferences.


Consider adding a thick tailor made tack box cover to protect your investment from scratches.  Call for available patterns and colors.